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Rebooting Britain is the third report from Renew Normal.

Based on a nationally representative poll of over 1,000 people in the UK, we find that Political leaders and governments risk underestimating the disruptive impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the public’s opinions, expectations and preferences. Our research shows the disease and the measures taken to suppress it have triggered substantial change in public attitudes that will lead to lasting economic and social change, and should be factored into the government’s response.

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What Next? Priorities for Britain is the second report from Renew Normal.

We conducted a nationally representative poll of over 10,000 people to look at the impact Covid-19 has had on people’s lives and how people’s attitudes have changed. We found that the nation is divided on their experience and attitudes, especially on social class lines, as the middle-class report that the lockdown has improved their lives despite the overall negative impact on the population. We also found that people perceive themselves to now put greater importance on a range of issues, including green space, self-sufficiency, and air pollution.

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Britain under lockdown is the first report from Renew Normal.

This report brings together stories and statistics about the change we’ve lived through in the last few months, bringing together contributions from nearly 12,000 members of the public who shared their ideas and experiences with us. We found that people’s experiences of the pandemic differed greatly, and early suggestions that lockdown would be a great leveller in society have proven false. Instead, we found that these nearly 12,000 experiences were just a snapshot of divergent experiences.

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