Do you remember your first Zoom call? Your first family FaceTime? The first glass of wine with friends over your WhatsApp video chat, when sitting round a table suddenly wasn’t an option? Lockdown changed all of our lives, and we’ve been living more of them online ever since.

The internet will continue to play a massive role in our lives, and how we move forward is still uncertain. Now is your chance to shape this future.

Your ideas will be part of a big project called Renew Normal, run by the charity Demos, about how life should change after the pandemic.

Below you’ll be presented with statements relating to your experience of the internet, and how things could change to make your experience better.

Please let us know whether you agree or disagree with these statements – these statements are not Demos’ views. There is also a space for you to submit your own short sentence, if you wish. This should focus on your experience of life online and how you think we should approach making the internet a better place which includes everyone. Each statement should make sense when read by itself – you’re not replying to existing statements, but adding new ones.

Responses will be moderated by the Demos team – not all statements will be made public. Other respondents will be able to vote on these statements after moderation.

Please don’t provide any information that could be used to identify you in your statements, for example your name, contact details, or information that could be used to identify your address. We may use your statement in our research.

Thank you for taking part!