Renew Normal is a national conversation about how the UK can rebuild after the COVID-19 crisis. Tell us what your life has been like throughout this period, and help us create a society that works for everyone. Take part now >

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The Commissioners

The Commissioners

About Renew Normal

Renew Normal is the national conversation around what should happen after the COVID-19 crisis. 

To start with, we need as many people as possible to tell us how life has changed and how you feel about it. We want to know what’s important to you, what you’ve struggled with and also any ways your life has improved or been easier.  At the same time, we’ll look at all the changes made by government, businesses and other institutions throughout the period – from the furlough scheme to how schools have coped – as well as find out anything we can about what people are doing differently – exercising more, for example. We’ll publish what we find out in a report by the end of the summer.

Next we’ll work with our expert commissioners on the issues you’ve told us are most important to you.  Using lots of different methods, we’ll take what we learned from the first part of the project and delve deeper into finding out how different people have been affected by the changes, and suggest different solutions for people to discuss. We’re particularly looking for things you’ve said you’d like to go back to the way they were, and things you’d like to see change permanently, and how difficult making that happen will be. If you’d like to stay involved in the project, we’d love to ask your opinion again throughout this stage, so we can make sure as many people as possible agree with what we find.

Finally, again working with our commissioners, we’ll take what we’ve learned to the government in the form of policies they can implement.  This way, people from all walks of life will have been involved in deciding how we rebuild our society, and we can make sure it’s one that’s better for everyone.

The People’s Commission on Life After Covid-19 is being run by Demos, an educational charity.  Find out more about us at